About us

We are a corporation with more than 27 years of extensive experience in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector with a presence in Latin
America and the Caribbean, which provides comprehensive technological solutions
to the international financial and banking industry. Founded in 1994, with the purpose of transforming the potential of information technologies into value for its
clients, developing and integrating solutions in various service lines, framed in 4
comprehensive suites that cover various critical mission components in a financial
architecture. Some of the solutions that make up the suites are: Banking and Financial Core Development, specialized Switch (EFT) applications, Debit and Credit
Card Management, Card Printing, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Fraud Control
and Prevention , Security and Encryption, Document Management, Tokenization,
E-commerce, among others.


ADSI is a corporation that focuses on designing, integrating, marketing and implementing innovative technological solutions, in support of the evolution and development of international financial institutions, supported by high-level and world-renowned technological allies, thus offering a unique and comprehensive experience. that provides solutions to the client.


To be a recognized and benchmark corporation for the next 10 years in providing high-level technological solutions for the financial business in America and the Caribbean.


Loyalty and loyalty with our clients.
•Integrity and ethics.
•Respect, morality and total transparency between the parties.
•Excellence and commitment.