Financial Solutions

Financial Platform

Management of business processes through Core Banking Systems..

Consulting for the evaluation and selection of the solution, as well as the
development of plans for its implementation.

Support for attention to platform incidents.

Preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the core environment.

Design of platform integration architectures with external systems

Analysis, design and development of financial products:

  • Savings, current and checking accounts.
  • Term products, credits and guarantees.
  • collections.

Adaptation of the solution to the regulatory framework of each country.

Development of financial services in branches, tellers and electronic channels,
with an emphasis on digitization, from authentication to settlement

Support for the integration of financial services with multiple channels through
SOA architecture 

Enabling the tool for the analysis of key business indicators (KPI)

Support for business process management (BPM)

Definition of conciliation and settlement processes between the networks.

Card Management (CMS

Card issuance

  • Evaluation and recommendation of chip card platforms.
  • Design and implementation of card issuance and administration processes
  • Consulting for the evaluation and recommendation of authentication and validation methods of different participants (issuer, cardholder, card)
  • Management and configuration of the complete life cycle of physical and virtual cards
  • Setting the length of the billing cycle.
  • Management of customer requests through a scoring system
  • Configuration of rules for restrictions of keys, limits and expenses
  • Definition and design of account statements and distribution channels

Business Administration

  • Configuration of a hierarchical structure oriented to the efficient management of businesses –
  • Administration of terminals associated with trade
  • Support to marketing campaigns.
  • Management and dynamic conversion of multi-currency
  • E-commerce support
  • Flexible configuration for commission calculation
  • Fraud prevention and detection, chargeback management and dispute processing
  • Definition of processes for the settlement to the trade
  • Configuration of different communication schemes with the defined business entities

Regulatory Compliance

Management of Regulatory Reports
Consulting for the definition of the regulatory map.
Support for:

  • Structuring of the entity’s regulatory risk matrix
  • Analysis of processes that generate regulatory reports
  • Definition and implementation of internal controls for regulatory compliance
  • Integration of compliance objectives into processes

Support for the processing of data from banking operations, accounting and financial
products from different repositories.
Support for enabling the functions of:

  • Automation of report generation
  • Centralized management of reports, parameters and catalogs
  • Log record of processes generated by users within the system
  • Predictive and comparative analysis of regulatory reports.