Omnichannel and Digital Payments

Online and Mobile Banking

Integration of internet & mobile banking solutions.
Implementation of services for consumption of satellite applications.
Integration of traditional channels to internet & mobile banking solutions.
Implementation of transfer and payment processing.
Centralized user administration for the system’s own authentication and integration with
external systems.
Configuring and customizing security for primary and secondary users

Implementation of processes for the validation of the client’s identity through
various mechanisms

  • OTP (One Time Password).
  • Coordinate card.
  • Token.
  • Image Check.
  • Security questions.
  • Captcha.

Implementation of customer transaction notification alerts (SMS, email).

Consulting for the establishment of usage limits by channel, parameterization of options for
the client, payment templates, programming of transfers and self-management of the client
in general (management of requests for products and services).

Electronic Funds
Transfer (EFT)

Support for the administration of the network acquisition of the client.

Implementation of transaction routing and payment authorization.

H2H interaction with issuers, acquirers, international franchises.

Support for the definition of settlement and conciliation schemes for businesses,
franchises (Visa, Master, Amex, Conexus)

Administration and monitoring of ATM terminals, POS and other receiving devices for means
of payment of multiple brands

Development for the implementation of transactional flows in ATMs (Download)

Implementation of new transactions in payment platforms, as well as
transactional reports.

Support for transactional monitoring in real time.

Configuration for fraud detection and investigation.

Multi transactional management: currency, channel, product, language, communication protocol

Processing of transfers and payments via SMS

E-commerce management with 3D Secure authentication.

Management of notification contracts to customers and suppliers.

Self-management of services and transactions

Authorization processing on and offline.

Integral consultancy in EFT transactions adaptable to the regulations of each country

Simulations and stress tests of means of payment systems.

Implementation of partial and full grade validation schemes.

Certification service with international franchises.

Administration and integration to the client’s HSM cryptographic processing

Design of High Availability schemes.

Preventive and corrective support for incidents in the means of payment platform.

Consulting for the connection plan from terminals to transactional switches, with its
corresponding certification.

Management and administration services for cash control in the operation of agencies
and ticket offices.

Digital Payments

Implementation of mobile and secure payment processing through: QR code,
NFC technology, invoice ID, among others.

Development of mobile technology for payments in shops (without providing
card details).

Parameterization for the administration and processing of mobile payments.

Implementation of mobile payment systems for mass customer network.

Adequacy for the self-management of the business and client through mobile and web applications.

Development of the historical information visualization function of the customer and
the trade.

Definition of loyalty schemes and rewards for the client.

Configuration for affiliation, customer authentication and management of their cards for
bill payments.

Enabling for the generation of invoices/payment orders from the merchant.

Settlement processing for trade.

Development to achieve standard integration with existing platforms and with the
merchant’s website.
Consulting on authentication with 3D Secure.

Multichannel Acquisition Management
and CNB

Processing of mPOS and POS transactions under the schemes:

  • Commerce, Hotel, Restaurant
  • Non-banking correspondent
  • Services pay

Consulting for the integration of channels and omnichannel.

Integration of multichannel payments with the business areas.

Authorization to provide a concentrator channel for payments on the platform
(special collections, service payments).

Management of multi-channel devices

Parameterization of transaction messaging, as well as receipts, screens, device messages.

Implementation to allow communication and transactional exchange with service providers, telephone operators, hosts and/or bank authorizers, processing networks and correspondent managers, among others. Adequacy for updating terminals in a massive, scheduled or automatic way.

Support for real-time monitoring of the system and transactions.

Management for the administration of businesses and contracts.

Implementation of mPOS and POS closing schemes: partial-total, automatic.

Configuration for the processing of the settlement and reconciliation of businesses.

Parameterization of products and services.

Consulting in the adaptation of the scheme of rates and commissions, limits and / or quotas of the trade.

Business intelligence consulting.