Specialized Services


Hardware solutions based on the implementation of Stratus®
Support and maintenance Infrastructure:

  • Installation and/or configuration of Linux / Solaris / AIX / HPUX / Windows Server.
  • Administration, implementation and/or configuration of Services in Virtual Platforms
    (Vmware, Hyper-v).
  • Administration, implementation and/or configuration of Active Directory.
  • Administration and migration of Exchange 2007 and/or 2010 email platforms.
  • Office365 Services Administration.
  • Administration and/or configuration of Windows Azure Services.
  • Manager, System Center Configuration Manager and McAfee Suite.
  • Administration, implementation and/or configuration of System Center Operation
  • Microsoft Cluster Implementation.
  • PRTG administration, as a monitoring tool.
  • Advanced ShellScript Consulting.
  • PowerShell consulting, vbscripts, ASP.
  • Migration Exchange 2007 to 2010 and/or Exchange 2010 to Office 365.
  • Office 365 AntiSpam Implementation.
  • Advice on management, contracting and/or administration of Microsoft licensing
    (Software Assurance).
  • Advice on management, contracting and/or administration of Office 365 licensing.
  • Realization of hardware capacity plan.
  • Realization of revision and microcode updates in servers, Storages, SAN Switches
  • Review of operating system patch levels and their application according to the stan
    dards of each of the platforms.
  • Advice on the planning and/or distribution of server Diskmapping
  • Advice on the configuration of Zones in SAN.

Business Process Modeling

Consulting for the determination of processes susceptible to optimization.
Modeling and documentation of processes.
Implementation of teams for the collaborative development of BPM projects.
Construction of business rules.
Engineering for process automation.
Development of business rules.
Definition of process control policies.
Development of alerts and analytics.
Development of workflows.
Process simulators and debugging.
Implementation of business portals for process control.
Design, development and implementation of process consoles.
Implementation of process performance control boards.

Implementation of Projects

Development and implementation of Project Management Office (PMO)
Analysis and control of Risks and Costs in Projects
Integral Gestion of projects:

  • Project control
  • Planning Management
  • Scope Management
  • Time management
  • Cost Management
  • Quality management
  •  Human resources management
  • Communications Management
  • Risk management
  • Incident Management

Support and Help Desks

Database consulting and support

  • Software Installation, Creation and/or administration of Oracle Database, Sqlserver,
    Mysql, Postgres, among others.
  •  Evaluation for updating and/or migration of database platforms.
  • Consulting in execution of Sanity Check for database.
  • Updating of Databases, respecting the best market methodologies.
  • Database migration.
  • Consulting in the realization of data modeling.
  • Application of SOX standards for database security.
  • Analysis, design and implementation of customizations at the database level to comply
    with the company’s own business rules.
  • Advice on the application of Oracle features that allow the encryption of sensitive
    data in databases.
  • Advice on Oracle licensing, SQLServer among other databases.
  • Advice, design and implementation of backup solutions via RMAN for Oracle platform.
  • Consulting, design and implementation of DRP solutions and business continuity for
    Oracle platform and other databases.
  • Installation, configuration and/or tuning of Oracle Real Application Database
  • Hardware resource capacity plan based on the databases to be implemented in the
    different environments, be it production, quality, certification, development, laboratory,
    among others.
  • Advice on the planning and/or distribution of the Diskmapping to be presented to the
  • Advice and/or support in massive data loading projects.
  • Advice on debugging and/or data migration projects.
  • Consulting in Oracle Database Application for eBusiness Suite (Oracle ERP).
  • Advice on the best practices to use for the application of Binary patches of the dif
    ferent Oracle products that are required.
  • Training Services in Oracle Database, Grid Control, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Real Applicat
    ion Server, Tuning Pls/ SQL, Tuning Oracle Database, among other Oracle products.
  • SQLServer Training Services
  • Facility and/or outsourcing in the administration of the database area. Consulting and
    support in Integration and applications
  • Advice, design, creation and implementation of webservices and sockets.
  • Advice on the design, creation and/or implementation of ETL processes.
  • Development of personalizations and/or customizations of interfaces to interconnect
    external systems.
  • Development of personalizations and/or customizations of interfaces to interconnect
    external systems.
  • Evaluation for updating and/or migration of Applications Server platforms, Weblogic
  • Consulting in the execution of health checks for Oracle Applications Server, Weblog
    ic,among others.
  • Advice, design and implementation of backup solutions for Application Servers such
    as OAS, weblogic, among others.
  • Migration and/or update of Oracle Application Server, Weblogic, among others,
    respecting the best market practices.

Processing Services

Processing service as issuer:

  • Authorizations for card operations in real time.
  • Product configuration.
  • Data preparation for card issuance.
  • Administration of debit, credit and prepaid cards
  • Billing and account statements.
  • Systems for claims management and accounting.
  • Monitoring, reporting, government requirements.
  • Exchange and settlement with franchises (Visa, MasterCard and Amex)
  • Administration of the portfolio of accounts, management and settlement with businesses.
  • Transaction management, including cash withdrawals, operations and inquiries through
    different channels.

Processing service as acquirer

  • Processing support of the different international franchises (Visa, Master Card, Amex,
    among others).
  • Business account management.
  • Management of the complete acquisition cycle, managing and processing the liquidation
    and exchange of businesses
  • Management of charges and chargebacks.
  • Personalized attention service.
  • Management of campaigns and promotions for businesses.
  • Control and support of all commercial activity (sales volumes, commissions, with
    charges, returns and special reporting).
  • Dynamic currency conversion.
  • Self-service tools for commerce.
  • 7×24 help call center

Service administration

  • mPOS mobile payments
  • Merchant
  • ATM
  • Non-banking correspondent
  • Kiosks
  • Electronic commerce

loyalty programs
Internet Banking